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The Shock of Chopping Up a Chanel Bag



The Shock of Chopping Up a Chanel Bag
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Marina Ermoshkina, a Russian television host, typically fills her Instagram with glamorous selfies: couture clad on red carpets; bikini clad on Riviera beaches; smiling aboard yachts. But last week she decided to express her anger over Chanel’s new restrictions on sales to Russian nationals, by slicing up her pearl-gray leather shoulder bag worth about $8,000.

In compliance with the European Union’s current sanctions against selling luxury goods valued over 300 euros to Russians, Chanel not only closed all its Russian stores but also instituted a policy requesting Russian customers anywhere else in the world to sign a statement promising not to wear any new Chanel purchases within their home country of Russia.

They could buy Chanel in Paris for example, but were asked not to wear it in Moscow or elsewhere in Russia. (Chanel recently clarified that the company was “currently working on improving this approach.” It also apologized “for any misunderstanding this may have caused.”)

For her handbag-slicing video, Ms. Ermoshkina appeared to be in a luxury high-rise apartment, with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing the night skyline of an unidentified metropolis.

“I am against a brand that supports Russophobia,” Ms. Ermoshkina explained in her post. “Chanel is just an accessory,” an accessory that decided to “discriminate against people on the basis of nationality, which I will not tolerate.”

In a separate video, Katya Guseva, a D.J., echoed Ms. Ermoshkina. “I am against the brand, which supports Russophobia and discrimination against women based on nationality,” she said while scissoring through a Chanel hobo. Behind her, a crystal vase of pink peonies sat atop a mirrored vanity table.


Victoria Bonya, who has modeled for Dior and Chopard, as well as for Penthouse and Playboy (and has millions of Instagram followers), posted the most dramatic video. On the terrace of a palatial villa of cream marble, Ms. Bonya, bathed in golden light and wearing only a long plaid shirt, cut through her black Chanel shoulder bag. “Chanel house does not respect their clients,” she said. “Why do we have to respect Chanel house?” With that, she flung the amputated flap of her handbag to the ground.


With their careful hair, makeup and lighting, these clips resemble fashion shoots more than they do political testimonials, which makes the destruction of expensive possessions feel like a display of heedless privilege rather than an expression of righteous patriotism. Only those insulated by extreme wealth could evince such blithe disregard for leather goods more costly than some used cars.

  • There is irony in the specific brand that spurred all this Instagram outrage. While the house of Chanel was born in France, it has come to represent a generalized European luxury and elegance. And so, to destroy a Chanel bag in the name of Mother Russia is to destroy, in a way, a symbol of Europe itself.

  • Chanel also has a particularly deep but little-known connection to Russia, specifically to pre-revolutionary, imperial Russia. Coco Chanel’s liaison with an exiled Romanov royal, Grand Duke Dmitri, a cousin to Czar Nicholas II, profoundly influenced her aesthetic during the early 1920s. Chanel No. 5, the cornerstone of the entire brand, was created by Ernst Beaux, former perfumer to the czars (to whom Dmitri introduced Chanel). Her famous costume jewelry — the ropes of pearls, the Byzantine crosses — was inspired by Russian imperial jewels.

    Chanel even hired Duke Dmitri’s sister, Grand Duchess Marie, to create Russian embroidery patterns for textiles. To this day, many design elements considered quintessentially Chanel are in fact descended from imperial Russian motifs. To attack the house of Chanel as anti-Russian is to overlook the company’s longstanding Russian connections just as Russians attacking Ukrainians as traitors ignore the deep, often familial connections between the two groups.

    The final ironic twist is that Vladimir Putin’s war seems to stem from his fantasy of restoring Russia’s imperial past — and of becoming the latter-day czar of an expanded empire — yet few luxury brands contain as much Russian imperial nostalgia as Chanel.


    Perhaps, for wealthy and glamorous Russian women like these influencers, being deprived of full use of their handbags constitutes discrimination. Perhaps that alone drove them to make these angry videos. But consciously or not, their performances tapped into and replayed many of the deepest issues at stake in the current war started by their country.


    Fashion does not exist removed from the world’s grim realities and serious politics. On the contrary, fashion and the events it inspires function as a kind of symptomatic dreamscape, a screen onto which society projects and replays its greatest fears and turmoil. Watching these members of the Russian elite rip apart their precious handbags, straining to push sharp blades through thick leather — which is, after all, the skin of once-living creatures — it’s hard to miss the analogy to the catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine. And it’s hard not to shudder.

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France plans fashion revolution with climate-impact labels



France plans fashion revolution with climate-impact labels
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Is it better for the environment if you buy a brand-new cotton T-shirt or a recycled one?

Well, it depends.

Recycling has obvious benefits, but the process shortens cotton fibres and so usually has to be mixed with some oil-based material to keep it from falling apart.

Such trade-offs make it tricky to figure out the real sustainability rating of clothes — but brands in Europe will soon have no choice.

By next year, every item of clothing sold in France will require a label detailing its precise climate impact — with a similar rule expected for the rest of the European Union by 2026.

That means juggling many different and conflicting data points: Where and how were its raw materials grown? What was used to colour it? How far did it travel? Was the factory powered with solar energy or coal?

The French Agency for Ecological Transition (Ademe) is currently testing 11 proposals for how to collect and compare data — and what the resulting label might look like to consumers — using 500 real-life items of clothing.

“The message of the law is clear — it will become obligatory, so brands need to prepare, to make their products traceable, to organise the automatic collection of data,” Erwan Autret, one of the coordinators at Ademe, told AFP.

“Some say the models are too simple, some say they’re too complicated, but it’s a sign of the maturity of the debate that no one questions the need for these calculations anymore.”

‘Transparent and informed’

The need for change in fashion is urgent.

Statistics are notoriously hard to verify, but the UN says the industry is responsible for 10 percent of global carbon emissions, as well as a significant portion of water consumption and waste.

Labels can be a key part of the solution, say campaigners.

“It will force brands to be more transparent and informed… to collect data and create long-term relationships with their suppliers — all things they’re not used to doing,” said Victoire Sotto, of The Good Goods, a fashion and sustainability consultancy.

“Right now it seems infinitely complex,” she added. “But we’ve seen it applied in other industries such as medical supplies.”

Seeing how the winds are blowing, the textile industry has been racing to come up with technical solutions.

A recent presentation by Premiere Vision, a Paris-based textiles conference, highlighted many new processes including non-toxic leather tanning, dyes drawn from fruits and waste — and even biodegradable underwear that can be thrown on the compost.

But the key to sustainability is using the right fabric for the right garment, said Ariane Bigot, Premiere Vision’s deputy head of fashion.

That means synthetic and oil-based fabrics will still have a place, she said: “A strong synthetic with a very long lifespan might be right for some uses, such as an over-garment that needs little washing.”

Capturing all these trade-offs in one simple label on an item of clothing is therefore tricky.

“It’s very complicated,” said Bigot. “But we need to get the machine started.”

Sustainable options

The French agency is due to collate the results of its testing phase by next spring before handing the results to lawmakers.

While many welcome the labels, activists say this should only be part of a wider crackdown on the fashion industry.

“It’s really good to put an emphasis on life-cycle analysis but we need to do something about it beyond just labels,” said Valeria Botta, of the Environmental Coalition on Standards.

“The focus should be on setting clear rules on product design to ban the worst products from the market, ban the destruction of returned and unsold goods, and set production limits,” she told AFP.

“Consumers should not have to fight to find a sustainable option — that should be the default.”(AFP)

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Tips To Buy Cheap, Yet Quality Dress Materials



Tips To Buy Cheap, Yet Quality Dress Materials
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Purchasing women dress materials online is presumably the most effective way to get to a more extensive scope of items that is sold at the close by retailers in your city.

However, dress materials are sold in overflow and suggest broadening when looked at online stores, picking and getting your hands for as little as possible, yet quality unstitched salwar suit can get frightening on occasion.

Here’s loosen down a couple of the significant focuses that makes certain to help you in getting the best wholesale dress material for yourself.

Continue to Investigate

Investigating is the key. One specific dress material is set up marked with various valuing at each web-based store. Continue to investigate each conceivable internet based store you know, prior to venturing into the one that charges at the base cost.

Pick an Inconspicuous Piece

Frequently dress materials with lesser weaving and interwoven is valued lower than that with the weighty and mind boggling embellishments. Go for the basic texture and you can constantly plan it later on it. With your number one boundaries and hand sewed weaving patches.

Bounce into the Known Stores

With the update and frenzy for web based shopping, there are in excess of 1,000 style applications accessible out there: Each web-based store holding out tricking limits and offers.

Yet, why not visit locales that you know rather than the ones that you saw on arbitrary spring up advertisements? Trust isn’t something you offer so quick. Isn’t that right?

Hang Tight for The Season’s Deal

Every single web-based store snatches the greater part of the consideration just when they give out interesting offers and limits. You should keep your #1 material reserved up in the list of things to get and continue getting it once it comes packaged with deal offers and limits. Indeed, even the plushy ones are simple available that time.

Go for Unstitched Materials

Sewed women dress materials charge you a fortune. Have a go at buying the ones which aren’t sewed. You can continuously line it to your decision later on.

Try not to pick architect dress materials, on the off chance that you don’t wear them.

Refrain Purchasing Architect Materials in The Event That You Don’t Wish To Help Them Frequently

Try not to accept the way things are. On the off chance that you’re not someone who’s into fashioner marks, then, at that point, avoid getting them with 30 minutes reserve funds.

Planner wholesale punjabi dress material cost you a fortune and will make you lament down the line on the off chance that you don’t expect to wear them any time soon. All things being equal, purchase the straightforward yet stylish ones: the ones that you’ll be wearing to all the over the place.

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Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2022



Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers 2022
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Weddings in Pakistan are amazing and successive. For this reason the extent of wedding wear and wedding adornments in Pakistan is perfect. With regards to marriage style, the Pakistan design industry has abandoned different nations, with rich social and customary plans leave you astonished.

Top Pakistani Bridal Dress Designers Names incorporate HSY, Nomi Ansari, Deepak Perwani, Agha Noor, Faraz Manan, Sania Masakatiya, and Maryum N Maria. With regards to causing the lady to feel like a princess, every one of these originator brands has a superior dress in their wedding dresses assortment than you can want.

Agha Noor

An endeavor of two style cherishing kin, Agha Noor has figured out how to tell everybody the best way to accurately plan marriage wear.

With exquisite outfits that make you fall head over heels for Agha Noor dresses, these gatherings are intended for occasions like commitment, Nikkah service, Mehndi, Mayon, pre-wedding party as well as others.

You are given a few classes of customary styles of wholesale plus size salwar kameez outfits to browse that are in a wide exhibit of dim and light shades.

Deepak Perwani

A famous style planner brand that little kids wish to wear on their important day, Deepak Perwani has made an extraordinary name for itself in the realm of design and wedding wear. Having a staggering assortment of Pakistan wedding dresses for people, the choices are perpetual.

From provocative brush off ghagra cholis to right out of a fantasy, long train Angrakhas, figure-complimenting ghararas to exemplary lehenga dresses that make you seem to be a Mughal ruler, the wedding assortments by Deepak Perwani will cause you to hunger for to purchase the exquisite outfits.

Faraz M

With regards to easily making superb wedding outfits for the finicky ladies, Faraz Manan is a specialist. From completely differentiating various tints to succeeding in droning outfits, Faraz Manan wedding clothing types are skillfully created and are show-stoppers.

With a not insignificant rundown of smart highlights, a couple incorporate fishtail lehengas, long train outfits, risqué pullovers, profound neck shirts, edited cholis, voluminous shararas, and significantly more.

HSY (Hassan Sheheryar Yasin)

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin or HSY is one of the greatest and top ladies’ clothing image in Pakistan, with lavish wedding dresses in Pakistan that are routinely shown on the public and global style runways.

The embodiment of class, lavishly created textures with unpredictable hand weavings that are finished by dedicated specialists over the time frame several months. With conventional outlines, exemplary plans, and present day contacts, you can undoubtedly track down marriage wear in a wide variety choice by HSY.

Maryum N Maria

Who said wedding dresses must be costly to be ache for commendable? Maryum N Maria dresses has exposed every one of the dresses fantasies by emerging with a reasonable scope of wedding outfits.

These wedding troupes are made with incredible love, aptitude, and have every one of the qualities to make them magnificent marriage wear for any lady.

Open as unstitched outfits, you are furnished with the potential chance to be your own creator and specialty your ideal wholesale pakistani dress material ladies’ clothing in an outline that you consider best.

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari has made an incredible name for himself as a wedding couture planner who has upset the universe of marriage wear. From acquainting recent fads with rejuvenating extremely old attire drifts, the credit exclusively goes to this noteworthy planner.

Having an unending assortment of Pakistani conventional party and wedding dresses to browse, you can pick a beautiful lavish outfit for a fiery, striking lady look or decide on a droning marriage dress for an ethereal look.

Sania Masakatiya

Discussing marriage style and not examining Sania Masakatiya resembles discussing Disney princesses and overlooking Cinderella.

Sania Masakatiya has one of the best wedding wear that will make you need to get hitched to make sure you can wear an entrancing outfit from the creator’s marriage assortment. Superb style at its ideal, the marriage outfits are painstakingly created with exemplary outlines and contemporary feel.

Maria B

Pakistan’s own personal Coco Channel, Maria B is one of the all around presumed planners in Pakistan that is working beginning around 1998.

Having a great determination of prepared to-wear and unstitched outfits to browse, the justification for the notoriety of the brand is its bridals. Maria B Bridal Dresses are what each young lady wishes to wear on her important day. From ghararas to shararas, lehenga cholis to outfits, maxis to princess style gown dresses, the creator’s wedding range has everything.

With a wide variety assortment to browse, you can go with the exemplary marriage conceals or select something one of a kind. With vigorously hand-weaved and hand-adorned dresses, colossal difficult work goes into the formation of Maria B wedding wear dresses in Pakistan.

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