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Who Has The Longest Neck In The World? And How Do You Compare?



Who Has The Longest Neck In The World? And How Do You Compare?
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The longest neck in the world… what a glorious accomplishment!

And before you think we’ve talking about a giraffe, please note: We’re talking about HUMAN NECKS!

In Western culture, a long neck can appear regal, feminine, and dainty. However, in other parts of the world, primarily a tribe called Padaung located in Myanmar and northern Thailand, it’s a custom.

And a very profitable custom, to say the least.

Who Has The Longest Neck In The World?

The women of the Padaung tribe in Myanmar and northern Thailand hold the record for having the longest necks in the world. The country that’s famous for its islands and amazing street food also features women who bind their necks to make them appear longer!

It’s been an age-old custom for young girls — even before puberty — to start wearing iron coils around their necks. They start with just a few, and more and more are added over the years to give the appearance of a long neck.

A very, very long neck indeed.

The women of the Padaung tribe hold the record for the longest neck in the world. As far as this world record goes, they really stick their necks out.

How Long Is The Average Neck?

The longest recorded neck length is 15.75 inches long. Record-keepers base this measurement on the distance between the earlobe and the collarbone. The average neck length of a Padaung woman is 10 inches, which is double the average length of a human neck.

Can You Make Your Neck Longer?

Before we dig into whether or not you can make your neck longer, let’s explore the phenomenon.

While it may seem that the neck itself is stretching, it’s not. For a long time, experts thought that it was actually the distance between the vertebra that was stretching and lengthening. After researching the women with the long necks — complete with x-rays — they found something different

The neck itself isn’t stretching, however, the collarbone and the ribs are pushed down. Therefore, this make the longest neck in the world an optical illusion. It appears as though the neck itself is stretched, when in actuality the supporting structures of the collarbone and the ribs push down. This makes the appearance of a much longer neck.

Therefore, the women who have the longest necks actually have the most pushed down collarbones and rib cages, creating the image of a long neck. To physically lengthen the neck would cause paralysis and death.

In other words, technically you could make your neck longer. This will involve wearing thick, heavy coils around your neck from a very young age. You’ll then have to systematically add coils to slowly increase the length without causing too much pain. You’ll have to sleep and bathe with said coils. When you do take them off occasionally, you risk passing out.

In conclusion, if you really want to have a longer neck, you best get started quickly because it’s not something you can do overnight.

Padaung Women and Thailand’s Long Neck Tribe

The Padaung tribe consists of around 10,000 people. “Padaung” actually means “long neck” in the Shan language. Their homes and villages are found scattered in the area between the Kayah Stage and the Southern Shan State.

The longest neck in the world phenomenon is a result of a long-held tradition. The people of the Padaung tribe feel that a long neck is beautiful, like a swan.

Originally, it was supposedly only supposed to be young girls born on a Wednesday of a full moon who were supposed to wear the coils. This, however, is said to be a myth.

Over time, the tourism that resulted from the coils and the women became strong. Therefore, the coils started to be seen as an investment, because of the tourist dollars that they attracted to the tribe.

The coils themselves are made from brass and gold alloy. Because the long-neck women cannot lean their heads back they have to drink from straws. Journalists report that their voices also sound different, as though they are speaking from the bottom of a well.

What Are Neck Rings?

The neck “rings” that cause elongation of the neck are not actually rings, they are coils. They appear to be bronze, but are actually made of brass and gold alloy. As the young girls age, new coils are added slowly so they don’t experience too much pain.

No one really knows how the custom evolved to what it is today. Because the tribe has no written language, even the elders are unsure. One possibility is that men put the rings on their women to deter slave traders. Yet another suggests that the rings prevented children from being killed by tigers.

Because of this, the rings were supposedly kept after tigers no longer became a concern, because the Padaung men found the women with the neck rings more sexually attractive. It was the rings they found attractive, not that their wife had the longest neck in the world.

Many, on the other hand, say that the entire custom has been built up and perpetuated by the tour guides who charge tourists to visit the area, and take pictures of the women with the rings around their necks.

Tourism and Neck Rings

The neck rings are a very popular tourist attraction. Several hundred Padaung people live along the Thai-Myanmar border. Some fled to Burma to escape war. Many, however, have come to Thailand to make money displaying themselves to the tourists.

Visitors will pay $10 to go to a village and take pictures of the long-necked women. Critics have called these villages “human zoos”. The long-necked women are seen as the star attraction to their village, and the surrounding areas. If the long-necked women were to stop featuring themselves and being open to tourism, businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation would all take a hit.

As a result of the tourism, the Padaung women are able to support large families. In fact, many are said to be “collaring” their daughters not out of respect for tradition, but to help them make money in the future. The parents of these girls are often grateful for the income, and men are said to be happy to marry a long-necked woman because of the money she can bring in.

As many as ten thousand tourists visit Nai Soi to see the women with the long necks. The girls pose for photographs, sell postcards, and also help to sell jewelry to the onlookers.

Why Is A Long Neck Appealing?

According to the Google, a long, slim neck is considered more attractive in women because it’s more feminine. It’s said to be an elegant feature in a woman, and shorter-necked women tend to envy women with longer necks.

Many models have longer necks, and it’s typically seen as a trait of beauty and desirability. Longer necks give you more options with hair styles, as well as jewelry.

Who knew?

In Conclusion

You now know all about the long-necked women of the Padaung tribe. Their long necks are the subject of much debate, as well as the draw of much tourism.

Because of this, they’ve gained international fame and recognition. But if you want a longer neck for yourself, you may consider googling different clothing options. There are fashion tips you can implement that’ll help your neck look longer… like a swan.

As a result, when it comes to binding your neck, heed the warning: Don’t try this at home!



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Experts Explain How To Find A Partner




Experts Explain How To Find A Partner
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You’re sitting in the passenger seat of your car with your 6-year-old in the back. Her whimpering has turned to frightened sobbing; your blood is boiling. Your disagreeable spouse, at the wheel, has been ranting for 15 minutes, far too loudly for the confines of the car. He’s been complaining that you care more about your job than your family, that you’re always late, that you leave the house a mess, and simply don’t have your act together.

This is appalling to you. You wouldn’t dream of treating a mouse running loose in your home with such abuse. Yet your spouse—your “lover”—feels entitled to bully you, and your young daughter, in this way.

You ask yourself: “How did I ever get trapped in this marriage?!”

To help you avoid ever landing in this scenario, I’m going to answer this question in three parts: The first pertains to our poor selection of a mate. The second involves a lack of revising our views as we get to know the person better. And the third describes how the person tries to manipulate us into staying.

  1. Choosing Mr. or Ms. Wrong

Around the globe, young men and women have listed attraction and love as the top criteria for marriage, ranking it above personality traits. However, research suggests that the most happily married people are those who, regardless of what they think they want, simply end up with spouses who have excellent personality traits. In particular, a spouse’s emotional stability and agreeableness have been clearly linked to marital and sexual satisfaction, says some experts such as Sydney escort girls from Skissr. Surprise, surprise—it’s better to have a warm, cooperative mate than an unstable, disagreeable one!

You may be thinking that the spouses with excellent traits sound boring. You want someone very attractive and interesting, and believe you’re willing to put up with some moodiness or arrogance to have that attraction. But consider how these arrogant, moody individuals derive attention: They are only sporadically emotionally or physically available, which gives the impression that access to them is a scarce and thus valuable resource (see below). Their love and good moods must be earned, a process that holds at bay any objective evaluation of their character.

I suspect that what many decent people in such relationships or marriages don’t realize, until they have endured a very long stretch of unfairness, is that their arrogant partner entered the relationship expecting special consideration. Much like in a dating relationship in which the party who desires the other more must accommodate the other’s wishes, the arrogant spouse assumes you will do more than half the work to compensate for your lower desirability. Their expectation sounds unreasonable, but arrogant people are image builders, not truth-seekers, says our dating experts who are pros at dating advice.

  1. Focusing on the Positive Obscures the Truth

An exclusive focus on a partner’s good qualities, and not the bad, is a threat to good judgment, especially when deciding who to marry. Consider what Walter Mischel observed regarding how people judged whether a given person had a certain personality trait (4). He found that they would recall and string together examples of that person’s behavior across time that were highly representative of that specific trait—yet they would fail to notice contradictory examples. This is why he concluded that we see other people as more consistent than they really are. For instance, in determining whether a friend is caring, we might think back to when she brought us chicken noodle soup when we were sick, lent us money to pay the rent, or threw a surprise party on our 21st birthday. And once we think of her as very caring, we may simply overlook her other, uncaring behaviors.

Imagine a prospective wife who imagines that her boyfriend is a very good person—good enough to marry. Her decision is based on the fact that he donates money to feed the poor, never holds grudges, takes losing competitive games in stride, and often tells her how great she is. But she downplays that time he very aggressively berated her for talking to him while he was on the phone with a client. It was an honest mistake, but it left her walking on eggshells during his phone calls for months.

Imagine, too, a prospective husband who thinks his girlfriend is an angel for always doing his laundry, leaving him sweet notes and small presents, cooking his favorite meals, and giving him long leisurely back rubs. But she was no angel that time he came through the front door a couple of hours late from work. She rushed out from the dark bedroom with her arms crossed and a look of fury on her face. Pointing a finger one inch from his nose, she screamed so loudly that neighbors down the hall could hear her accusing him of cheating with that “slut” co-worker. The next day she was sweetly smiling and apologetic. She explained that she was not her usual self the previous night because she’d had a bad headache. He forgave her, and they had fantastic “make-up sex.” He felt more in love with her than ever.

I would argue that neither the girlfriend nor the boyfriend in these scenarios is decent enough to marry. In each case, the person demeaned his or her lover. If the roles were reversed, you would never belittle anyone! Your worst headache might make you a bit short with the person, but never insulting. Their belittling behavior (including the use of the word “slut”—which a humble person would not use) signals their arrogance, a trait tied to deception and exploitation (5).

You can never be sure if a romantic partner is decent enough to marry, but you can tell when they are not good enough from belittling acts like these.

  1. The Arrogant Won’t Let You Go

When you try to dump the person after an outburst like the one described above, he or she might argue that they said they were sorry and it was only one mistake. Some may also go visit a Melbourne escort. But while a humble person acknowledges your right to leave and does not interfere with it, the arrogant person has an image to defend. They might say many things to make you feel guilty, to manipulate you into staying—for example, they might remind you how much they “sacrificed” to be with you. Don’t let such comments get to you—the arrogant partner may well have a contingency plan with other people waiting in the wings if things don’t work out with you.

They might also ask, “Whatever happened to unconditional positive regard?” (or words to that effect). But remember that evaluating the character of your partner is what you are supposed to be doing before marrying the person. You can respond, “Yes, I was wondering that myself when you were so out-of-line with your outburst. If you had done that on our first date, I would never have gone on a second one with you. Anyhow, the fact that you are trying to make me feel guilty to keep me from leaving is in itself an outrage.”

How to Proceed

To keep from ending up with an arrogant, deceptive, or exploitative spouse, cast a broad net. There are so many single people out there, especially on internet dating sites—you have no excuse for settling for the gummy worms on the kitchen counter when you can find a golden apple elsewhere.

What you’re looking for is humility—and what you’re avoiding is arrogance. The trait of humility is a must-have that undergirds sincerity and the promise of a fair marriage. Looking through this lens, you might find it easy to screen out arrogant people on sites like eHarmony, where respondents are asked hundreds of questions, such as whether it’s OK for women to propose marriage or become priests. If they say no, it may beg the question of why only men would be entitled to do those things.

Finally, don’t waste time after you see that hideous haughtiness. Yes, you are going to get grief from the arrogant person for dumping him or her, but that should simply give you the strength of confirmation to make sure the break is clean.

When you do find that sincere, humble, fair-minded person, you might be shocked to discover how sexy he or she is. It might be overwhelming to finally share a passion based on discovering the person in front of you—free from the conventional gender roles and judgments. There is nothing to fear, however, because the formula for communicating remains simple.

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Reddit rolls out new search improvements, including a way to find comments




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Reddit announced today that it’s rolling out the ability to search comments, alongside a few other search-related features. With the new comment search function, users no longer have to click on several comments to find threads when looking for a particular conversation. You can now search for comments directly via a new “comments” tab in the search bar.

Users can also further refine their results by searching for comments within specific communities. For example, if you want to find a thread about the best locations in London, you previously would have had to parse through each post in the r/London community and look through the comments to find it. Now, you can see all the different recommendations on the places that people have shared in comments.

Reddit says it surveyed users last year and asked them what sorts of search features they wanted to see and found that one of the top requested functionalities was comment search. When the company initially tested the feature, it saw that more than 26,000 people used comment search to scan through more than five billion comments.

“With this latest update, for the first time in sixteen years everything on Reddit is now searchable – users, posts, communities, and now comments – making Reddit one of the first platforms with this capability,” Reddit said in a blog post.

reddit search comments

Image Credits: Reddit

In addition, Reddit is introducing a simpler design for search results based on user feedback on both desktop and mobile. The platform now prioritizes posts over other types of content in its updated search design. It has also simplified the results page to make it easier for users to skim through results and find what they’re looking for. Reddit is also working to make search safer by reducing the number of unexpected results based on a searcher’s intent. 

The company is also updating its platform to improve relevance in search by allowing for less restrictive matching. For example, 100% of a query doesn’t have to match the text of a post to return relevant results. Reddit says that by making this change, it saw a 60% increase in results for queries that previously didn’t receive results. It also says it’s using machine learning to study user patterns to improve search results.

“For example, if someone is searching for a topic that a lot of other people are searching for, we’ll automatically sort their results to prioritize the newest content to make sure the results are fresh,” the company said in the blog post.

The new features are rolling out today. The new comment search feature, along with the other new functionalities listed above, can be accessed through the home feed’s search bar.

Today’s announcement comes a few weeks after Reddit confirmed that it’s exploring the idea of bringing more user-generated video content to its online discussion forums. Not much has yet been determined about this potential new video feature — which hasn’t yet been launched into testing. But we understand it may involve the use of TikTok-like video editing tools including, most notably, the ability for people to “react” to videos posted by others by adding their own video to another’s.

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Airline passengers




Airline passengers
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Airline passengers are skipping queues at Heathrow by pretending to need wheelchairs after watching a video showing this on TikTok, the airport’s boss has said.

John Holland-Kaye, the chief executive of Heathrow airport, told LBC radio that some passengers were using the wheelchair support available to try to get fast-tracked through the airport, adding that this was “the wrong thing to be doing”.

He told LBC: “For passengers requiring wheelchair support we have more demand than we had before the pandemic. Why is that happening? Some of this is because people are using the wheelchair support to try to get fast-track through the airport. That is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing.”

He added: “If you go on TikTok you’ll see that that is one of the travel hacks that people are recommending. Please don’t do that.”

In June a TikTok user uploaded a video of themselves having pretended to have an injured ankle and been given a wheelchair while flying from Ibiza to Bristol. The video showed the user removing their shoe, and was captioned: “Faking hurting my leg to get through security faster and on to the plane.”

Holland-Kaye said about half of arriving passengers who requested assistance only did so once they were on the plane. He urged people who “really need the service” to let Heathrow know “well in advance so we can make sure there are enough people there to meet your needs”.

Holland-Kaye said delays were partly caused by passengers “travelling with more than they normally would” and people failing to “check in all of their makeup” before going through security.

Many travellers using the airport this summer have faced long queues, with the situation blamed on staff shortages. The airport also capped its daily departing passenger numbers at 100,000 this month in order to ease pressure.

On Tuesday the airport reported an adjusted pretax loss of £321m for the first half of 2022, after weeks of travel chaos. Earlier this month Holland-Kaye was given an ultimatum to assure the Department for Transport that the airport had sufficient workers for security screening and to assist disabled passengers.

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