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‘Allman Family Revival,’ a tribute to patriarch Gregg Allman, is back in full force with all-star lineup



'Allman Family Revival,' a tribute to patriarch Gregg Allman, is back in full force with all-star lineup
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The “Allman Family Revival” is a 19-city, coast-to-coast tour featuring the Allman Betts Band and an all-star cast of guest artists, including Robert Randolph, North Mississippi Allstars’ Cody and Luther Dickinson, Eric Gales, Jimmy Hall, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and others, paying tribute to the life and music of Gregg Allman. | But it didn’t start that way. Not exactly, anyway.

“It was never meant to be a celebration for Dad,” Gregg’s son and Allman Betts Band guitarist and vocalist Devon Allman says of “Revival,” which originated in 2017 in San Francisco.

Fate and friendship turned it into that, however. The tour visits the Factory in Chesterfield on Nov. 27.

In December 2016, Devon’s mother, Shelly Jefts, died, followed in May 2017 by Gregg. Devon canceled all of his touring commitments and took time off to grieve, only to realize “I was denying myself of the healing power of music,” he says.

“I called Cody and Luther, Jimmy Hall, Samantha Fish, Robert Randolph,” he says. “I thought one or two would say yes. But everybody said yes.”

Although the show originally was scheduled to be held in Florida, Devon’s agent told him that a bigger venue would be needed and that the Fillmore in San Francisco wanted to book it on Dec. 8.

“I’m like, ‘That’s Dad’s birthday,’” Devon says. “He would have been 70. So I thought that maybe we ought to make the night about him.”

Basing the concept on the Band’s famous final concert and film, “The Last Waltz,” Devon asked his guests to play a song from their own catalog and then perform “an Allman-centric song.” His own group served as the house band.

The show was a success, and the next few years saw the “Revival” play out in several cities. Last year, hamstrung by the pandemic, it was livestreamed from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee. This year, it’s a full tour, with a total of 25 acts performing on varying bills across the country.

“I know that Dad’s just tickled,” Devon says. “Like, ‘All that jammin’ for me?’ I know he’d really be stoked.”

Before the Allman Betts Band, Devon had performed and recorded as a solo act and with bands including Honeytribe and Royal Southern Brotherhood. While growing up, he got to perform alongside his father — either with the Allman Brothers Band or on Gregg Allman solo dates — “50-plus times,” he says. “It was always an instant education.”

It was the first “Revival” concert, Devon notes, that “kind of galvanized Allman Betts to become a band.”

That night, guitarist/vocalist Duane Betts and bassist Berry Duane Oakley — sons of Allman Brothers Band guitarist/vocalist Dickey Betts and bassist Berry Oakley, respectively — performed together onstage.

“We were playing (the Allmans classics) ‘Blue Sky’ and ‘Midnight Rider’ for the first time together,” Devon says. “And we’re looking at each other, going, ‘This is really special.’ And there’s grown-ass men in the front row crying.

“We had already talked about wanting to maybe make some music together — to start a band that kind of encapsulates this whole thing and also have our own history of albums.”

Which they did and are doing. The Allman Betts Band has now released two albums — “Down to the River” (2019) and “Bless Your Heart” (2020). The pandemic forced the group off the road last year, but it got back out as quickly as possible in 2021, doing socially distanced shows, livestreams and drive-in concerts.

“We really pounded it out,” Devon says. “I was really proud of our outfit for getting out there.”

Devon also used the pandemic downtime to do livestreamed shows from his home in St. Charles, with proceeds going to band and crew to replace lost wages. And he began work on a forthcoming solo album, which will differ from his previous blues-rock output considerably. “It’s an all-instrumental record — like a meditative, ambient record,” he says. “It’s about 90% done.”

Devon also continues to expand his label, Create Records, which has signed two St. Louis-area artists, River Kittens (which will open the “Revival” show at the Factory) and Jackson Stokes.

“There are a lot of bands that kind of hit that sweet spot and that stride in their trajectory of success,” Devon says. “But then that’s it — they hit that one pocket with that one group of people, and when those people age, they usually don’t take the band with them. But the Allman Brothers — this music transcends every generation. It’s handed down from grandfather to father to son. It has just remained timeless.

“We’re seeing 9-year-olds in tie-dyes with their grandparents, you know? There are only a couple bands like that — that continue to turn on new generations because the music is so timeless and doesn’t fit in a niche.”

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How to keep Birds out of your Roof’s Gutters



How to keep Birds out of your Roof’s Gutters
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Roofs are the bird’s favourite place to hang out. During winters birds look for roof’s gutters and if there are some gaps on the edge of the roof, birds can make it their residence. During the spring season birds often build nests and lay eggs in the gutters.

Although birds are beautiful creatures they can cause great damage to your roof. Therefore it is important to take some steps to keep them out of your roof’s gutters.

How can birds damage the roofs?

You might be wondering how a tiny bird can damage your roof. You might not know this but birds can cause minor as well as major damage to your roof. Birds can bend or even rip the gutter off your roof. The nests can clog the roof’s downspouts. Besides, the acidic droppings of the bird can damage the roofing material which might create the problem of leaking.

How to prevent birds from your roof’s gutter

Here are a few things that you can do to deter birds from your roof’s gutter:

  • Gutter guard: These are thin aluminium sheets that will cover even the slightest slit on your gutter. Gutter guards prevent debris, leaves and other material from entering the gutters. These will also prevent birds from drinking water from the gutter. When they’ll not be able to drink water they will naturally look for some other sources for water.
  • Roof bird spikes: roof bird spikes are thin plastic panels with various spikes. These are also known as anti roosting strips. These stripes make the landing uncomfortable for birds. You can place these above your gutters. This will help in keeping birds out of your rain gutters.

How to remove nests from the gutters?

Have you spotted a nest in your gutter? Birds often build nests in gutters in summers when the gutters are dry for months. It is very important to get rid of these nests as they can clog the gutters when it rains.

It is unsafe to leave the bird’s nest in the gutters, besides it is even a threat to the bird’s offspring. You can even take the help of experts to get rid of the nests.

Some additional ways to prevent birds:

Here are some additional ways to prevent birds from visiting your roof:

  • Birds generally build a nest in the gaps and spaces they find on your roof. If there is any gap on your roof immediately get it filled. By doing so you will prevent birds from making your roof their residence.
  • Birds often like to nest in the vents. If you want to prevent this you can install a guard or a screen.
  • If you have placed bird feeders in your roof, it will naturally attract more and more birds to your roof. If you are facing a lot of troubles due to birds regularly visiting your roof then you can remove the feeder.
  • Another foolproof way to keep birds away from your roof is to install fake predators such as hawks, owls, crocodiles or even snakes.
  • The best thing that you can do is to reach out to experts to install bird deterrents properly.
  • A steel mesh or hardware cloth is a great option to keep birds away from your gutters. But the only disadvantage is that they are not very attractive and solid when compared to solid gutter covers. They might even trap debris sometimes.
  • You can also use bird repellents to keep the birds away from gutters. The substance of these repellents makes the bird uncomfortable and hence prevent them from staying in one spot for long. The only downside associated with this method is that you will have to reapply it periodically.
  • Another humane but time-consuming method is to trap the bird and then relocate it. However, it is one of the least efficient methods to keep the birds out of the gutters.
  • Rubber snakes are a great way to keep birds out of the gutters. However, birds can learn quickly and this method might work only for a limited period.


The best and long-lasting method is to install an aluminium gutter cover. However, make sure that you are taking the help of experts to get the cover installed.


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With the kind of attention they have been getting in the media and in fashion circles in the past decade, you would think that leggings (along with their close cousin, tights) were new inventions. However, it would be a mistake to think that this is the first time close-fitting leg garments have been popular. Leggings have had on-and-off popularity for millennia and it seems like the trend has come back around. These days, it’s no surprise that people have begun to shop leggings and other form-fitting pieces frequently again.


Wool leggings are a traditional garment for both men and women in many colder parts of the world. Native American peoples, for example, have been wearing buckskin leather leggings, and have done so for thousands of years. Fast-forward a few centuries: if you were a respectable man in the Renaissance period from the 13th to 16th century, you wouldn’t be seen outside without a fine pair of leggings. They were also a form of practical clothing for dancers and military personnel alike.

Clearly, leggings have been around for quite a long time. Their relative popularity at various points in history outpaces even their popularity today.

Of course, beyond their appearance, the leggings, tights, and hosiery products of today have a lot going for them that historical examples don’t. Here are a few reasons why leggings are now experiencing another surge in popularity:


The fashion industry has certainly come a long way from rough wool and buckskins. Modern tights and leggings give you unlimited freedom of movement, and you have all the choices you could possibly want when it comes to warmth and breathability. They can be worn for unmatched comfort for virtually any activity, from running a marathon to relaxing on the couch.


Leggings can be worn for almost any activity, literally. While it was an uphill battle at first, leggings and tights are now gaining widespread acceptance in workplaces all over the world. Some brands even offer leggings with twill textures that are perfect for virtually any business casual environment. Now you can stay comfortable while looking professional in almost any work setting.


While the ideal body shape changes from generation to generation, the comfort and versatility of leggings and tights are proving to be timeless. They can be used in a variety of looks to flatter virtually any body shape. And while styles and trends have evolved over the past decade, leggings and tights have lost none of their popularity. Contrary to most other trends, they just keep getting more popular with time.


New varieties of leggings can be used to do more than just show off your figure—they can actually give you the shapes and contours you’re looking for. These new varieties of comfortable shaping leggings have virtually ensured that these garments will be more than just a fad.


If there is any reason why leggings and tights have not declined in popularity over the past couple of decades, it’s because of their unmatched versatility. They can be used like normal pants, as layers, as part of a smart-casual ensemble, for serious exercise, or for lounging around the house. There is nothing that the right pair of leggings or tights won’t do for you.

Indeed, leggings and tights have become more than just a temporary trend. They are now an essential part of many people’s wardrobes. Whatever your style, body shape, or functional requirements, it only takes but a few minutes these days to find the perfect leggings or tights.

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14 Best Headband Wigs in Wavy, Curly, and Straight Textures



14 Best Headband Wigs in Wavy, Curly, and Straight Textures
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if you’ve ever worn a wig before, you know the wig-installation process isn’t all that quick and easy. Sometimes lots of tedious prep work is necessary to get the best fit and most natural finish—but not always. Enter: headband wigs. As the name implies, these wigs are constructed with a headband but without any lace, so they’re pretty simple to put on and don’t require special customization. “A headband wig differs from other types of wigs in a few ways, but one of the key standouts is ease of use,” says hairstylist Brittany Johnson. “Headband wigs are a perfect switch-up for anyone looking for an easily attained protective style, from novice wig wearers to longtime experts.”

But as easy as headband wigs are to wear, shopping for them is a whole different story. Here, we share expert tips for finding the best wigs online. But first! A quick teaser of the best headband wigs you can find on the internet right now:

 1.Mayvenn Malaysian Body Wave Headband Wig
Good price, good quality, good selection—what else could you want from a wig brand?! If you’re looking for a headband wig that’s got a lotta length, the wigs from this line have options up to 30 inches. Made with 100 percent virgin human hair and available in four textures (like the body wave shown here), these wigs also come with complimentary headbands to dress your unit up or down.
2.Big Chop Hair Headband Wig Summer Curl.
Available in four lengths from 12 to 24 inches, this headband wig with soft curls is the perfect easy summer hairstyle. With a 22-inch circumference, this unit is ideal for those who wear a medium wig size, but it’s also constructed with combs, elastic bands, and adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit.
3.RPGShow Brown Highlights Yaki Textured Headband Wig
I know headband wigs aren’t the most customizable types of wigs, but this buildable one actually kinda is. To make this one the absolute best headband wig for you, choose from three hair colors, three hair textures, six lengths, two densities, and two cap sizes. But the best part? You can also choose from a bunch of headband styles to wear with it.
4.,Kinky Headband Wig-HBWIG02
keep their 4c hair protected and hydrated while still wearing it out. You can choose between 10 to 22-inch lengths, small or medium cap size, and a free protective headband. It’s pricey the longer you go, but very worth it for a realistic finish.
5.For Kurls Headband Wig
Top knots, high ponytails, half-buns—you’d be surprised just how many different hairstyles you can choose from with this headband wig (although we love this simple style with cute knotted headband). This wig is designed with adjustable straps, four combs, and velcro pieces that keep your headband wig in place so you can wear it to the gym or a big event without worrying.
5.Her Given Hair Bangs Headband Wig-HBWIG10
This curly hairstyle features bangs that cover the front of the headband, which makes edge-control products kinda unncessary. Available in 3b to 4c hair that starts at 10 inches and goes up to 20 and versatile enough to be worn up or down, this headband wig can suit whatever headband hairstyle you’re going for.
6,My First Wig Headband Wig Tara
Headband wigs are inherently beginner-friendly, but this brand is especially great for first-time shoppers that are new to wigs of all kinds. You’ll love how easy this 10-inch bob cut with full, bouncy ends is to wear and to style, but you can also opt for a longer length (up to 26 inches) if that’s more your look.


7.Natural Girl Wigs Kinky Curly Headband Wig

If you’re looking for the best headband wigs with 3c hair to 4a hair, you’re looking in the right place RN. This wig is made with 100 percent virgin human hair with two different shade options so that you can get a close, seamless blend with your own hair.

6.Wow African Full Highlight Straight Human Hair Headband Wig


For a headband wig with straight or wavy hair, check out this unit with either option. Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get when you order wigs online, but reviewers rave about the soft hair on this wig and how minimal the dreaded shedding is.

7.Heat Free Hair Blowout Headband Wig

When you want a natural blowout without the hassle of a blow dryer, reach for this headband wig. Curl the ends, wear it up, dye the color, leave it straight—this headband wig made with 100 percent virgin human hair is as versatile as it gets, which is great because you’ll want to wear it every day.


8,Conscious Curls Quick Crown – Peace

If you prefer quality over quantity, this is one natural hair wig that is worth the investment. The impressive quality is one thing that comes up a bunch with reviewers who own this wig. If you don’t feel like dyeing the wig yourself, the color customization add-on for ombré, highlights, or full color is a nice option.

9.XSY None Lace Front Wigs Brazilian Deep Wave

One thing about Amazon reviewers? They don’t sugar-coat anything. So when you come across a headband wig with nearly 3,000 reviews and 4.3 stars, you gotta believe it’s one worth checking out. One of the best wigs on Amazon, this unit comes in an impressive 10 different lengths and can be styled, dyed, and bleached however you want (though it’s always a good idea to do a test strand first).

10.Outre Headband Wig
Yup, you read that price tag right. If you’re new to wigs, you probably don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash on trying a new one for the first time. This synthetic wig allows you to try tons of different hair colors and styles with easeand without worrying about the price.
11.My Quality Hair Silky Straight Bob Beginner Friendly Headband Wig

Another more affordable option, this headband wig stands out for its customizable fit. Built with an adjustable strap, four combs, and a hook-and-loop closure and available in small, medium, and large sizes, this wig ensures a snug, secure fit.

12,Are headband wigs good?

There are definite pros and cons to headband wigs, but the list of pros is absolutely longer. First of all, they’re as straightforward as it gets to apply and wear. Secondly, you don’t need a whole lot of customization. And thirdly, you can be a total newbie and still get a great result. Johnson adds that because of the way that headband wigs are applied and worn, the wearer can usually get away with a flat, low bun hairstyle and doesn’t need a full braid down underneath.

As far as the drawbacks, Johnson points out that headband wigs don’t have any lace area, so they’re a bit limiting in how you can style them. “They do not have a traditional parting area and therefore aren’t able to be worn in more intricate half-up, half-down or similar styles,” Johnson says. But if ease is a higher priority than versatility for you, then absolutely, headband wigs are a great idea.

Headband wigs can last for months, or even years—but you gotta use the right at-home care. “Be sure to avoid the overuse of products that can cause buildup on the hair, and use a clarifying shampoo when necessary,” Johnson says. “Deep-conditioning your wig every few weeks can help to maintain moisture, while keeping it properly detangled and stored can limit shedding, tangling, and unnecessary wear and tear.” And of course, just as you would with your own natural hair, always use a heat protectant before blow-drying, flat-ironing, or curling your hair.



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