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Healthcare Giants 2022



Healthcare Giants 2022
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We gather here today to look back at the stabilizing effects 2021 had on the Interior Design Healthcare Giants. But in doing so we find we just can’t quit 2020. In our tracking of business trend data for the group of top 40 firms doing significant work in the healthcare arena since 2019, we have seen huge fluctuations driven by the pandemic. But within those ups and downs, we are just now beginning to see what normal business for the sector might look like.

Total fees for 2021 came in at $651 million. On first blush, this 18-percent drop from 2020’s $790 million seems troubling. But 2021 is still significantly up from 2019’s $607 million. That pre-pandemic total might be our baseline glimpse of what this group’s total business is, or should, look like—or at least hint at the dollar neighborhood where they work.

Firms clocked 128 million total square feet in 2021, down 18 percent from 155 million, but again with the crazy 2020 numbers. About 47 percent each of all that work was split between new projects and renovations, and about 5 percent being refreshes.

Some things that haven’t changed much are the healthcare business segments. Acute-care hospitals remain the dominant work environment, accounting for $314 million, nearly half (46 percent) of total fees. Acute-care hospitals made up only 38 percent of work in 2019, but this rate jumped in 2020, to 46 percent, and has held steady.

The next two largest segment are facilities for senior living ($92 million) and rehab ($71 million), making up 14 and 10 percent of total fees, respectively. Doctor/dental offices, urgent-care/walk-in clinics, and facilities for mental health, outpatient, skilled nursing, and telehealth all came in single digits percentage-wise. But, lest we disregard the nickels and dimes, all these smaller segments combined made up 30 percent of overall fees.

Interior furniture and fixtures (F&F) and construction products were down 35 percent to $12 billion. Were the previous 2020 heights of $18.3 billion just Icarus testing new wings? Perhaps. The 2022 forecast is about even. Firms expect to see growth in hospital and senior-living work in 2022, as well as clinic, outpatient, and mental-health facilities. Though the total expected drop-off is about 24 percent, no appreciable drop-off is expected in any one segment. (More on these forecasts in a moment.)

Most of our Giants in all their varied groups—Top 100, Rising, Hospitality—do their work within the U.S., and the Healthcare Giants are no different. Jobs outside the U.S. have trended downward with only 10 percent doing this work in 2019 and 8 percent in 2021. Asia/Pacific Rim is by far the chosen destination outside the U.S., with significant work also being done in Canada and Europe. That said, it would be no surprise to see even fewer firms doing international work, as not many see any real growth there (though 20 percent think Europe could heat up). Most of the growth is in the southern U.S.—as in the entire South from coast to coast.

Now, we suggested there may be things brewing outside the data we collected. The Healthcare Giants we spoke with at a recent roundtable discussion hosted by Interior Design claim that the market gates opened back up in the first half of ’22 and firms are swamped, sporting 12-month backlogs and challenges finding enough talent to handle it. It’s anecdotal but could be possibly significant.

Another possibility: underestimated growth in mental-health facility projects. Firms have been receiving requests for emergency department design (with some hospitals building entirely new wings to accommodate demand) that include mental-health spaces—and some Healthcare Giants report that facilities need to expand because they cannot handle the influx of patients right now. Plus, the need for these spaces isn’t limited to patients; some centers are designing them for medical professionals to decompress, reboot, and potentially avoid burnout. Then there’s the new layer of COVID-mindful design—and flexibility—overall. Can a space function as a patient room, a place for ER overflow, and an ICU room for extreme cases? Facilities need to be able to function in different ways depending on caseload.

This also applies to finishing touches within that room: Surfaces must be infection-resistant, which means no more woven fabrics and less carpeting than ever before. Ventilation and designing the exterior of facilities for traffic flow to accommodate potential drive-through testing/vaccination/treatment are also new considerations.

These points are why 2022 may give a better glimpse of what a normal, healthy year looks like. The Healthcare Giants forecast $570 million in total fees, 3,300 projects, and 150 million square feet of work. Given what the 2019 and 2021 numbers are—sandwiching the worst of a bad stretch for society that required billions in new medical resources to navigate—those predictions don’t look so bad. And the word on the street, at least right now, suggests business is already on a much-welcomed upswing. 


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Sampoorna 2022 23 Login




Sampoorna 2022 23 Login
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Content and structure of the essay



Content and structure of the essay
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First of all, your English essay must cover ALL the aspects outlined in the assignment, and it must be written in an appropriate style (neutral). It should be logically divided into paragraphs and follow the outline suggested in the assignment.


Is grademiners legit? In order not to get confused in the process of writing your essay, you should spend 5-7 minutes thinking about the plan and preparing all the arguments. Traditionally, we will divide the essay into five paragraphs.



Here should be the problem statement. Since the problem statement is already stated in the assignment, your task is to retell it competently. RETELL it, not paraphrase it.


WARNING: after you have done this, be sure to open the situation and make sure that your retelling is essentially the same as the situation you have been given. Now you can move on.

Instead of the banal “Some people think, . Others think, …” you can use:


 Some people claim that …, while others argue that ….


After you have described the essence of the problem, you can ask directly the question, which you will answer in your essay. For example: “What is better: … or …?”, “What should we do: … or …?” etc. In 2018, a clarification came out that classified rhetorical questions as stylistic errors. Therefore, we do not use them.


With the last sentence of the opening paragraph, you should set the purpose of your essay. This can be done, for example, like this:


 In this essay I will try to look upon this issue.

 In this essay I will try to express my opinion on this issue.

 In this essay I would like to express my point of view on this issue.

 In this essay I will try to answer this question. (This is the easiest option, if the previous two are difficult for you to remember, remember it)


Your opinion

It is most logical to begin this paragraph by stating your opinion of the question. Useful phrases (be sure to follow this punctuation!):


 In my opinion, …

 From my point of view, …

 To my mind, …

 Personally, I think that …

 I am certain that … (Note! We do not abbreviate: we write I am…)

 As far as I am concerned, …


Then you must give 2-3 arguments to support your point of view. Arguments may be any, if you interpret them correctly. That is such that they were difficult to argue with (within reasonable limits, of course).


Here you must not forget about the means of logical connection of sentences. The first argument is a good one to start with:


 Firstly, …

 To start with, …

 To begin with, …

 First of all, …


Once you’ve formulated the first argument, you need to back it up and/or give an example to support it. Here are the simplest models of how this can be done:


 <argument>, because …

 <argument>. That is why …

 <argument>. For example, …


If you started with “Firstly, …”, then the second argument should start with “Secondly, …


If the first argument went with the phrases “To start with, …”, “To begin with, …”, then the second can start with the following words:


 Moreover, …

 Furthermore, …

 Besides, …

 In addition, …


The second argument should also be supported by an example or proof.


Opposing opinion

You will begin the paragraph by stating a contrary opinion on the proposed topic or question. You can do it this way:


 Others believe that …

 Some people argue that …

 However, some people think that …


This is followed by 1-2 arguments to support the opposing view. I advise you to think of two at first. As for how many you should end up writing: 1 or 2 – decide in the process, based on the resulting size of your essay.


Your counterarguments

The essence of this paragraph is to explain why you do not agree with the opposite opinion. You could start the paragraph with a sentence, for example:


 I cannot agree with this opinion because …

 I am afraid I cannot agree with this idea because …

It sounds a little strange to say “I am afraid” rather than “I’m afraid”, but it is better not to abbreviate it, because it can cost you precious points.


WARNING: If you gave two arguments in the previous paragraph, you must refute both of them. You can separate them with the following phrases:


 As for …,

 Speaking about …,

 As far as … is concerned,



The most common mistake many students make is to simply state their opinion in the conclusion. This is not enough. After all, the conclusion applies to the entire essay, not just the second paragraph.


Thus, the conclusion should summarize everything that was said in the essay and express your point of view. You can also give your recommendations on an existing problem. Most importantly: the conclusion should not contain any new information.


I would recommend lexically designating that the conclusion will go next. You can begin the paragraph like this:


 In conclusion, …

 To sum up, …

 To conclude, …

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What Are the Advantages of School Management Software?



school management system
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To remain on top of things, schools all around the world are increasingly utilizing school management software. India’s schools are not far behind. To be organized, efficient, and cost-effective, many schools currently use the finest school management.

It is past time for Indian schools, colleges, and universities to adopt contemporary teaching methods. There are several possibilities for excellent school management software in India. They have been assisting schools all around the world with their digital transformation.

school management software

Using the best school management software in India may help schools in a variety of ways, including democratizing education with a revolutionary product.

Advantages of School Management System

Using School Management Software to Stay Organized

Schools must keep a large amount of data. It is not simple to save and manage each student’s data. The burden increases and efficiency diminish when done on paper. School administration software is a cloud-based platform that allows all information to be stored digitally. This platform is also accessible from anywhere at any time. The TMS logistics software also helps organize fleets etc.

Schools no longer need to go through hundreds of documents or folders to obtain the information they want. It’s only a click away for them.!! Schools may simply keep organized and efficient in this manner. All of the data may be kept in one location and retrieved quickly. They also enable the university to become a paperless, smart, and digital campus, conserving the environment and providing an eco-friendly solution.

Students can get information via the internet

Students may quickly access information online, whether it be their report card, online classes, coursework, or price payment. Parents can participate as well. Students will save a lot of time and be more productive this way.

school management software

They can quickly keep track of their progress and avoid missing courses, assignments, or examinations. Additionally, a chat forum/discussion forum is provided, which aids in the rapid resolution of concerns via the digital platform. Teachers’ recorded video lessons allow students to review material several times and become masters of the topic while also saving money on tuition teachers. COVID forces students to rely heavily on online education.

All tasks may be managed in one place by schools

Using Online school management software has aided schools in a variety of ways. The nicest part about such software is that it allows schools to handle duties from afar. Admissions and counselling, for example, may be administered via the cloud-based platform.

Schools may also control and track & monitor actions such as tuition payment, online classes, attendance, and supplying study materials. It is also possible to schedule online meetings between students/parents and teachers. Not only that, but schools may utilise the platform to manage staff and instructor activities on a regular basis.

Communication is simple

Effective communication is critical for any company, including schools. School software administration software facilitates communication between students and instructors, as well as between the school and parents. It is simple to do so using email, SMS, or video conferencing. Meetings are simple to arrange, and parents may interact with schools without delay or difficulty.

Similarly, schools may quickly keep students informed about key duties such as examinations, exams, and lectures. Notifications and reminders assist in keeping everyone informed. Most crucially, a two-way feedback system is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that any communication gaps are completely eliminated.

Save time so you can focus on the important things

With the best school management software in India, schools can save money and time. Schools will use less paper and other tangible items to hold data if they utilise a cloud-based platform. Say “goodbye” to paper and transform your school into a paperless digital environment. You can imagine how much money may be saved in schools.

school management software

Furthermore, there is a greater chance of losing a document. Data protection is ensured by the school administration software’s excellent data backup mechanism. All of the data may be safely preserved in one location and accessible at any time. These features will assist schools in reducing expenses while improving efficiency and production.

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